Dear Friend of the Masquers Playhouse,


In early March, our facilities supervisors discovered major damage to the Playhouse’s primary interior support structure. An immediate investigation told us that the theater should not be reopened to the general public until its structural integrity is restored. By all current indications, this process will take months on end.


With the safety of our audiences in mind, a tandem meeting of the theater’s Board of Directors and Administrative Staff determined that the best course of action was to cancel all productions for the remainder of our 2016 season and shutter the theater until repairs are complete. That means that neither mainstage shows nor Envision productions nor Songbook concerts will run for the rest of the year. (We are currently looking into alternative venues for Stage One, our summer children’s program.)


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our subscribers, our patrons, and our theatrical community both on and off stage.


We will keep you in the loop about current conditions at Masquers. A preliminary report from structural engineers is in the works right now. We should know the extent of the damage within a month, and what measures — monetary or otherwise — will be required to fix it. This will be no small task.


In the meantime, thank you for your patience and understanding, and please consider making a tax-deductible donation. Your donation will be the start of our next great endeavor: getting the Masquers back on its feet!



For further information, or if you have questions, please email or phone 510.232.3888 and leave a message. We’ll try to answer all questions in the FAQ below, in addition to a personal response.



David Cole, Board President

Robert Love, Managing Director


I have a season ticket/ticket to a particular show; what are my options?

Season ticketholders and patrons who have purchased tickets can choose to have their tickets donated back to the rebuild efforts or receive a refund.  Our ticket manager can help address any questions.  Send email to or call 510-232-4031.


I’m a season ticketholder. Why is Masquers soliciting donations? Should I feel guilty about expecting and requesting a refund?

As the communication from our ticket manager indicates, we’re offering season ticketholders the option to donate the remainder of their season subscription price. We wouldn’t be doing that if the situation weren’t dire. We hope that doesn’t feel like a guilt trip—of course you shouldn’t feel guilty about requesting a refund if that’s what you want. At the same time, though, we’re grateful for whatever you’re able to give.


Does Masquers own the building? Are damages the responsibility of the theater group or the owner? Will insurance or the owner pay for the repairs?

Masquers paid off the mortgage on the Playhouse in the 1980s—we do indeed own the theater. Damages are our financial responsibility, and they’re not covered by insurance.


Have you considered Gofundme/Indiegogo/Kickstarter?

We are actively considering crowdfunding options. All crowdfunding requires a goal amount, though, and until we receive a preliminary report/estimate from our structural engineer/architect, we don’t know what that will be. Believe us, we’ll let you know when we do.


If you have additional questions, send them to us, and we’ll try to address them here.