Upcoming Auditions

The Gamester
by Freyda Thomas
Directed by Steve Hill

Sunday, November 15 — 2 – 4 pm
Monday, November 16– 7 – 10pm
Callbacks, if required, Wednesday 7-10 pm, November 18

No appointment required, cold readings from script.

Stipend for actors $100 each

6 Men, ages 20s to 50s
5 women, ages 20s to 50s

Character Breakdowns

Valere — Young and handsome, charming, in love with Angelique, addicted to gambling
Angelique — Young, beautiful, sensible, a perfect ingenue with comedic talents
Hector — Servant to Valere, ageless; a simple loyal man, crafty, devoted to his master
Thomas — Father to Valere, loves his son but is fed up with his gambling
Mme. Securite — 50ish, amply endowed, wealthy widow who lends young men money in exchange for certain favors
Mme. Preferee — 30ish companion to Angelique; good, sensible woman looking out for herself as well as her charge
Mme. Argante — 40ish older sister to Angelique; shrewish; also in love with Valere
Dorante — 50ish, old, fat, bald and desperate to marry Angelique
Marquis de Fauxpas — 40ish; awkward, foppish, madly in love with Mme. Argante
Betty — 20-30.  Mme Argante’s maid; the beggar in prologue; voices of creditors
Croupier — Opens the play, operates wheel of fortune in gambling hall; does voices of creditors

The Elephant Man
by Bernard Pomerance
directed by John Maio

Sunday, December 6 at 7pm
Monday, December 7 at 7pm

No monologue required. Cold read from the script. Be prepared to read with a British accent. Please be on time and have your calendars as conflicts must be documented.

Callbacks: December 13 at 7pm
Sides will be provided with callback list. Callbacks are by invitation only. Be prepared to read from the script in a British accent

All roles open. $100 stipend per actor per run, non-AEA.

PLEASE NOTE: The part of “John Merrick” requires extreme physical manipulation of your body for extended periods of time. The part of Mrs. Kendal requires nudity – please do your research prior to auditions.

For detailed Elephant Man information including; detailed show synopsis, character descriptions, rehearsal dates and times as well as audition and conflict forms, please visit http://www.johnjmaio.com/auditions or contact the director at johnjmaio@gmail.com.


Auditions are open to everyone. Actors who have not worked at the Masquers are especially welcome. We very seldom precast, but if we do, we will always pre-announce any precast roles.

Beginning with our 2016 season actors will receive a stipend of $100 per production, non-AEA.

If you are cast, you are expected to commit to the entire run. Schedule conflicts during rehearsal, however, can almost always be worked out with the Director, as long as you let him or her know.

A headshot and resume are not necessary, but bring them if you have them. We will take a snapshot of you and have you fill out an audition form.

*Note about Masquers musical auditions: Masquers traditionally hosts open musical auditions—actors perform their audition pieces in front of all their fellow applicants. It can be a little jarring for the uninitiated, but it’s a surprisingly fun, supportive experience! Give it a try…

We look forward to seeing you at Masquers!

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