Upcoming Auditions

The Real Thing
by Tom Stoppard
Directed by Robert Estes

Sunday, May 31 – 1pm to 4pm
Monday, June 1 – 7pm to 10pm

The auditions will be run by appointment. Please contact the director Robert Estes with your preferred date and time. His email address is antonswell@gmail.com and his phone number is (510) 368-0090. Please let him know when you would like to audition (a range of date and time is okay, please do not just say that you want to audition with no info at all of date or time). He will confirm your time or, if your time is already taken, he will suggest an alternative time.

For the audition, you may bring in a monologue from any Stoppard play (2 minute maximum) or the following sides (with readers as needed) will be available:

Max side 1: p. 10, “Lake Geneva. You haven’t been to Loch Ness…” through p. 11 “Good sale.” NOTE: This is Max as a West End actor in the play within-the-play, so a bit exaggerated is all to the good.

Max side 2: p. 38, “Oh, for Christ’s sake…” through “I’m sorry Charlotte.”
NOTE: Max as himself, whatever that may mean.

Charlotte Side 1: p. 22, “Lots of men…” through p. 23 “or he’ll think it’s you.”

Charlotte Side 2: p. 79, “There are no commitments…” through “I must admit he had me there.”

Henry Side 1: p. 61, “Because it’s balls…” through p.62, “Prejudice is the expression of this mistake.”

Henry Side 2: p. 75, “It’s to do with knowing and being known…” through p. 76, “no bigger than a torch bulb. Pain.”

Annie Side 1: p.28, “Are you alright…” through p. 30, “not giving a damn either way.” Reader will be provided for Henry role.

Annie Side 2: p. 44, “Yeah. Are you alright?…” through “It’s a very interesting.”

Debbie: p. 74, “Most people think not having it off is fidelity…” to p. 75, “that’s what free love is free of, propaganda.”

Billy and Brodie: p. 81, entire scene 4.
Reader provided for Annie role.


Henry: A playwright very like Tom Stoppard. Intellectual, highly successful. Witty if given time to think up the wit. Seemingly distant, yet stubbornly romantic. Far more vulnerable then he or anyone else imagines. An emotional house of cards. Early 40s.

Max: Leading actor in Henry’s plays. Strong opinions tempered by his need to please those around him, yet provoked enough, he will defend himself vigorously. In scene 1, we get to see him “act” in the play within-the-play and then, in Scene 2, we just see him “be” Max. Early 40s.

Charlotte: Tough. Intelligent. Worldly. Shrewd. Henry’s “present wife” as the play begins but she gives better then she gets in combat with her famous playwright husband. Attractive, 35ish.

Annie: Beguiling, fiercely autonomous, challenging, yet ultimately emotionally loyal. Max is married to her and, then later, Henry is married to her. She sets the terms for both marriages. Wonderful classical actor in the scene from Tis Pity that’s in the play. 30ish, a few years younger than Charlotte.

Billy: Young actor. Handsome, confident to the point of innocent arrogance, naïve, yet a winning shining personality. A good classical actor. Annie’s lover. 22 years old.

Debbie: Charlotte and Henry’s daughter. Absolutely her own person. Striking, independent, adventurous. She makes a vivid impression in her one extended scene. 17 years old.

Brodie: Soldier who commits an impulsive act of “political” violence, actually, trying to impress a girl. A bad writer, even worse house guest! Just has single short scene at the end of the play, but he gets to outdo what everyone has been hearing about you through the whole play. 25 years old.


Auditions are open to everyone. Actors who have not worked at the Masquers are especially welcome. We very seldom precast, but if we do, we will always pre-announce any precast roles.

Unfortunately, we have no funds available to pay actors for their work. We are a non profit, community theatre, so we must rely on volunteers.

If you are cast, you are expected to commit to the entire run. Schedule conflicts during rehearsal, however, can almost always be worked out with the Director, as long as you let him or her know.

A headshot and resume are not necessary, but bring them if you have them. We will take a snapshot of you and have you fill out an audition form.

We look forward to seeing you at Masquers!

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