Upcoming Auditions

Androcles and the Lion
by George Bernard Shaw
directed by Keith Jefferds

Sunday, July 27, 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Cold read from script with fellow actors
No monologue, no appointment

Callbacks (by invitation only) – Wednesday, July 30 at 7pm

Rehearsals start mid-August
Four performances: September 26, 27 at 8pm, September 28 at 2pm & 7pm

Need 10 actors to play 15 roles (5 of the actors will play 2 characters). Most roles are M in the original, but for this production, very willing to cross-gender cast – i.e., ALL GOOD ACTORS ARE IN THE RUNNING.
Age: Any adult – but bring your special energy and love of great dialogue!
(No British accents – unless you already have one.)
One exception to open casting: Need a smart, attractive articulate M-F pairing for the roles of Lavinia and the Captain. (Ages: Mid-20′s to Mid-40′s)

It’s a tale about the little guy whose compassion and humanity reach beyond, well, humanity. It’s a deeply moving comedy with vivid characters struggling to match their various truths with their true natures. And it’s a brilliant sendup of “empire”… A small band of second century Christians, bound for martyrdom in the Coliseum, proves to be more than Rome bargained for. By turns funny and satiric, passionate and profound, Shaw’s classic play is a spellbinding exploration of love, commitment, the human spirit, and the value of life.


Actor performs one role only for the following 5 characters (age ranges shown):

ANDROCLES (30′s on up) – A gentle soul with a playful sense of humor and a deep love of animals, who discovers courage he never knew he had.

LAVINIA – (Mid-20′s to 40′s) A beautiful and independent, articulate and candid patrician, shaky about her Christianity but committed to her chosen path. Attracted to the Captain.

CAPTAIN – (30′s to 40′s) A handsome, thoughtful patrician officer, dutifully performing a job he despises. Deeply admires – and falls hard for – Lavinia.

FERROVIUS – A warrior at heart, passionate about his new religion but fighting an uphill battle against his righteous temper.

THE LION – (F preferred, M possible) Androcles’ soul-mate. An important and “real” role, not a vaudeville joke. Prefer a strong actor-dancer (think: a character from “Cats”).

5 other actors will each perform 2 of the roles below (age range open, but some roles require running or energetic movement):

MAGAERA – Androcles’ overdressed and overbearing wife. A status-conscious woman who longs for her old status quo.

CAESAR – Coliseum sports fan numerus unus. Relaxed and affable, except when his show is interrupted. Intimidated by the lion.

CENTURION – A droll, unflappable cog in the Roman ranks, amused by the Christians he is herding toward martyrdom.

SPINTHO – A bitter old reprobate who sees salvation through martyrdom as a quick-fix for his sins.

LENTULUS – A fey and flirtatious Roman who more than meets his match in Lavinia and Ferrovius.

METELLUS – Lentulus’ more levelheaded friend, who helps extricate him from Ferrovius’ fierce brand of “salvation.”

SECUTOR – A gladiator who prides himself on putting on a good show. (Think: Modern professional wrestler)

RETIARIUS – Another preening gladiator. Archrival of Secutor, backstage and in the arena.

EDITOR – A prim and pompous “Stage Manager” sort, struggling mightily to keep the show on course and on time.

MENAGERIE KEEPER – A kind of “lion tamer” or movie-animal wrangler. Desperately needs a gutsy performance from his lion.

If you can’t make the audition or have any questions – feel free to email or phone: keithjefferds@gmail.com or 510-917-1516.


Side 1 – Androcles & Megaera
Side 2 – Centurion, Captain & Lavinia
Side 3 – Lentulus, Metellus & Lavinia
Side 4 – Ferrovius, Spintho, Lavinia & Androcles
Side 5 – Editor, Lavinia, Spintho & Androcles
Side 6 – Menagerie Keeper, Editor, Lavinia, Androcles, Retiarius, Secutor & Ferrovius
Side 7 – Caesar, Ferrovius, Editor, Retiarius & Secutor
Side 8 – Ferrovius, Editor, Lavinia & Androcles
Side 9 – Lavinia & Captain


Auditions are open to everyone. Actors who have not worked at the Masquers are especially welcome. We very seldom precast, but if we do, we will always pre-announce any precast roles.

Unfortunately, we have no funds available to pay actors for their work. We are a non profit, community theatre, so we must rely on volunteers.

If you are cast, you are expected to commit to the entire run. Schedule conflicts during rehearsal, however, can almost always be worked out with the Director, as long as you let him or her know.

A headshot and resume are not necessary, but bring them if you have them. We will take a snapshot of you and have you fill out an audition form.

We look forward to seeing you at Masquers!

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