Upcoming Auditions

Auditions for The World Goes ‘Round are concluded. Thanks to all those who auditioned. The cast is as follows:

Christina Boothman
Mark Enea
Coley Grundman
Gregg Klein
Chris Macomber
Laura Morgan
Scott Stewart
Susan Tonkin
Alicia von Kugelgen

The next auditions will be for The Gamester, our first show of 2016. They will be held in mid-November. More details will be posted shortly.


Auditions are open to everyone. Actors who have not worked at the Masquers are especially welcome. We very seldom precast, but if we do, we will always pre-announce any precast roles.

Unfortunately, we have no funds available to pay actors for their work. We are a non profit, community theatre, so we must rely on volunteers.

If you are cast, you are expected to commit to the entire run. Schedule conflicts during rehearsal, however, can almost always be worked out with the Director, as long as you let him or her know.

A headshot and resume are not necessary, but bring them if you have them. We will take a snapshot of you and have you fill out an audition form.

*Note about Masquers musical auditions: Masquers traditionally hosts open musical auditions—actors perform their audition pieces in front of all their fellow applicants. It can be a little jarring for the uninitiated, but it’s a surprisingly fun, supportive experience! Give it a try…

We look forward to seeing you at Masquers!

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