Upcoming Auditions

My Three Angels
by Sam and Bella Spewack
Directed by Steve Hill

Sunday, August 24 at 2pm
Monday, August 25 at 7pm
Callbacks (by invitation only) – Wednesday, August 27 at 7pm

7M, 3W. Cold read from script. No appointment necessary.
Rehearsals start in early September.

Performances 11/14 through 12/13 – Fridays, Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays 11/23, 11/30, 12/7 at 2pm, some Thursdays.
Masquers Playhouse, 105 Park Place, Point Richmond.

Contact Jean Rose –  jeanerose@att.net - for more information.


NOTE:  Ages listed are STAGE AGES.  (i.e., actor need not to be that age, just be able to pass in that range while on stage)

Felix Ducotel (M, 40–55) – Kindly but foolish manager of the general store on the verge of bankruptcy caused by over-extension of credit and his inability to keep accurate records and inventories, and whose unassuming manner makes him a poor salesman. He is a thoroughly amiable but impractical soul, ethical to a fault.

Emilie Ducotel (W, 40-55) – An energetic and practical woman, anxious over the failing business, troubled by her daughter’s failed love match, and uneasy with her house being taken over by felons. She is patient with her husband because she loves him. She is a good woman.

Marie Louise (W, 20-ish) – Ducotels’ daughter. A sweet, naïve and romantic young woman, adored by her parents, bereft when she learns that the man she loves is engaged to someone else.

Joseph (M, 40-55) – Sentenced to Devil’s Island for theft, forgery and extortion. A suave con-artist with a certain charm and finesse, he is crafty, unscrupulous, perceptive, and sharp as a razor.

Jules (M, 40-55) – Sentenced for murdering his faithless wife, he is soulful, sincere, introspective, humorous with a certain deft grace and refinement. He accepts his life sentence philosophically.

Alfred (M, 25-35) – An ex-playboy who murdered for money. One moment a little dark and moody, the next moment light and charming, he is a rogue and a scoundrel who shows little or not regret for his crime. He seems free from care, yet there is something unpredictable about him. An intriguing character.

Henri Trochard (M, 40-65) – Felix’s cousin and absentee owner of the shop. He is a hard-hearted Scrooge, rude, arrogant, driven by greed to squeeze every last cent he can from the failing business.

Paul (M, 20-35) – Henri Trochard’s nephew and protégé. A snobbish, conceited and arrogant yes-man, completely under his uncle’s thumb. He has also jilted Marie Louise for a wealthy heiress in Paris.

Madame Parole (W, 35-50) – Opinionated busybody and local shop customer who charges and never pays. Comedic role, over the top and lots of fun.

Lieutenant (M, 20-30) – Handsome young naval lieutenant. A small, but crucial role.


Auditions are open to everyone. Actors who have not worked at the Masquers are especially welcome. We very seldom precast, but if we do, we will always
pre-announce any precast roles.

Unfortunately, we have no funds available to pay actors for their work. We are a non profit, community theatre, so we must rely on volunteers.

If you are cast, you are expected to commit to the entire run. Schedule conflicts during rehearsal, however, can almost always be worked out with the Director, as long as you let him or her know.

A headshot and resume are not necessary, but bring them if you have them. We will take a snapshot of you and have you fill out an audition form.

We look forward to seeing you at Masquers!

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