songThe Masquers Songbook

Musical Favorites in Concert

The Masquers Songbook is a series of fundraising events benefitting the Masquers Playhouse. This concert series seeks to showcase both the familiar and popular as well as other less well-known pieces of the American musical theater. As with the regular season at Masquers, the shows under consideration are submitted by directors within the community.

In 2012, Masquers presented Cole Porter’s Kiss Me, Kate. As a result of its resounding popularity, the Masquers Songbook series was born.

UP NEXT…Sweet Charity – July 11-13 - directed by Carol DeChaine Reyes
To purchase tickets and find out more, visit the Masquers home page.

Look for more information on Masquers Songbook benefits as events arise, or contact Peter Budinger and DC Scarpelli.

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