Between Shows

With “Sweet Charity” in the can and the opening of “Berlin to Broadway” a few weeks away yet, I’ve been thinking about the between-show limbo. After the laundry is caught up and amends for our absence have been made to cats and non-actor friends, what do we do? Like those sheepherding dogs that chew coffee tables when they feel a twinge of idleness, many actors aren’t good at down time. We spin. We procrastinate. We think, “the last five shows were a fluke. I’ll never get cast again.”

Before posting another photo of Fluffy or your happy hour martini on Facebook, here is a helpful list of diversions until you’re safely inside the theater again:

  • When the Game Stands Tall is a movie about Concord’s De La Salle football team – you know, the one that won twenty six thousand games in a row? Looks like a great flick about sports and life, plus it’s set in our neighborhood. Score. (see what I did there? I can make a sorta relevant sports joke.)
  • A couple Masquers have taken classes at Freight and Salvage in Berkeley. The acoustic music mainstay has a new home at 2020 Addison, right across the street from Berkeley Rep. In addition to their fabulous concert schedule (October features Del McCoury and Dave Grisman, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Marty Stuart), they offer classes in bluegrass harmony, banjo, ukulele, and surf guitar, among many others. Those kinds of skills come in handy for the next “Foxfire” audition.
  • Y? Because you can’t help yourself . . . the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco’s Presidio is showing “Mickey Mouse Club Early Episodes” as their feature movie this August. Exhibits right now are “Mary Blair, Imagineer”, and “Leading Ladies and Femme Fatales, the Art of Marc Davis.” It’s a fun museum in a destination setting, so give yourself lots of time and visit. (I so hope “Spin and Marty” was in those early episodes. The Triple R Ranch really impressed me when I was four years old.)

Time for me to get out of this apartment. But first, have I shown you this latest picture of my cat?