Seen by Helene

thOooh lovelies, you’ll be dismayed and disturbed by what was distilled this week, and I ain’t talking about the gin they pour in Reno. Get a load of what a couple of our ingenues are into:

Detained by Interpol? Car confiscated? Not a problem for our savvy traveler. Seems she ran into just this dicey sitch when crossing the Germany/Czech border in a rental ride too luxurious for mere toursits. Miss “Moi?” escaped an international incident by claiming the shmoe at the rental place gave her the wrong model. Make no bones about it, this traveler has a smooth line when the heat’s on.

Ladies, don’t let your man around this sylvan seductress; she’ll steal him as you turn to sneeze. One lovelorn lady told this reporter she and her beau were solid as Standard Oil at cocktail hour, only to find their relationship ran out of gas by dinner. By that time the tall temptress got to lovelorn’s man, smoking the competition.

There’s more darlings, much, much more. Until we meet again, take a tip from Countess DeLage and embrace l’amour in all its strange splendor.