Who: Masquers Playhouse presents a Four-Eyed Jacks Production!

When: March 24, 2019 @ 12 Noon

Where: Masquers Playhouse Theater, 105 Park St, Richmond, CA

What: Seeking 8 or more vocally-flexible actors to perform two original radio plays which are to be recorded before a live audience.

  1. Performance Dates:

April 26-28 (exact dates and times TBD)

  1. “Low Pirates on High Seas”

Take a voyage with Cap’n “Peg-Leg” Harker, First Mate “Peg-Leg” Blue Molly, and all the “Peg-Leg” crew of the infamous pirate ship, the Black Cloud as they sail the high seas in search of the fabled Treasure of Sarah Madre.

Principal characters:

  • Cap’n “Peg-leg” Harker – The captain of the Black Cloud
  • Parrot “Peg-leg” Fred – The captain’s parrot
  • “Peg-leg” Blue Molly – The pirate first mate
  • Captain Conway – The captain of the H.M.S. Bovine
  • Lady Genevieve Pentalion – A high-born passenger on the H.M.S. Bovine
  • Simon Poe – Another passenger on the H.M.S. Bovine
  • Elliott – First mate on the H.M.S. Bovine
  • Sarah – A ghost

Additional cameo pirates (doubled by actors playing principal characters):

  • “Peg-leg” Suzuki – A pirate extra
  • “Peg-leg” Simon – A pirate extra
  • “Peg-leg” Kowalski – A pirate extra

Pirate accents a plus.

  1. “Jungle Gem”

An expedition, lost in the jungle, seeking the legendary jewel, “The Eye of Kow-to-foo-zay,” finally finds the temple which they have been seeking and the savages to whom it belongs.  But who is the more civilized? The explorers or the savages themselves?

The characters are:

  • Buzz Comstock – an explorer, leader of the expedition, and your narrator
  • Dirk Stockhouse – another explorer
  • Lauren Lockstock – another explorer
  • Natalie Prufrock – yet another explorer
  • Pinky – the explorer’s trusted and faithful dogsbody
  • Kowasahkay – a native
  • Atinlay – a native, son of Kowasahkay and Eastobay
  • Eastobay – a native, wife of Kowasahkay    

Also seeking Sound Effects performers for both pieces (including, we hope, someone who can play basic jungle drums for “Jungle Gem”)

  1. Rehearsal Schedule:

March 31 (12-3PM), April 14 (time TBD) and April 20 (time TBD)

Questions? Contact us at auditions@masquers.org