Masquers Playhouse, in collaboration with Four-Eyed Jacks Productions, announces auditions for
Bride of the Spaghetti Monster & Sub Standard
Two live radio plays written and directed by Bill Chessman
Spaghetti Monster and Sub Standard are both comedies with slightly darker sides. Sub Standard is a story about a super-secret submarine that carries passengers to exotic destinations. The Love Boat meets Das Boot. In Spaghetti Monster, Carolyn and Aaron are getting married. But will Aaron’s seemingly unnatural obsession with spaghetti cause more problems than just tomato sauce stains? Both plays feature live sound effects and talented voice actors.

Audition Date & Time:
Saturday, July 28, 12 noon to 3PM. Auditions will be at 105 Park Place, Richmond, CA 94801.

Performance Dates:
Friday, August 24 – 8 PM
Saturday, August 25 – 8 PM
Sunday, August 26 – 2 PM
Proposed Rehearsal Schedule:
Saturday, August 4, 12 noon to 3PM
Sunday, August 12, 12 noon to 3PM
Sunday, August 19, 12 noon to 5PM (full tech)
All rehearsals will be in Pt. Richmond. Exact address will be provided at a later time.
What to Prepare: 

No need for head shots or monologues as all performances will be done reading from the scripts. Auditions will consist of cold-readings from sides will be provided for you.

Bride of the Spaghetti Monster
Mel Karr – Carolyn’s father
Veeda Karr – Carolyn’s mother
Carolyn Karr – The bride
Aaron Turning – The groom
Waitress Wanda – The waitress
Buzz – A patron at the diner (cameo)
Tyrrylyn Jefferson – a wedding planner
Doctor Swan – Aaron’s psychiatrist
Reverend Karen Razinski – Preacher at the wedding
Various wedding guests (cameo)

Sub Standard
Narrator – a narrator
Admiral Donald Ferdinand Landlubber – an admiral
Captain Yolanda Femo – Captain of the submarine, Sinker Boot
Nadine Fizbin – a passenger (wife of Edgar)
Edgar Fizbin – a passenger (husband of Nadine)
First Mate Bob “Bulldog” Terrier – First mate, cruise director and bartender
Lieutenant Alan Yarg – The ship’s engineer
Lieutenant Mitzi Moggie – A lieutenant and wine steward
Crewman Expendable – an expendable crewman