Masquers Playhouse presents a Four-Eyed Jacks Production
Two Radio Plays Performed and Recorded Before a Live Audience

Low Pirates on High Seas
Take a voyage with Cap’n “Peg-Leg” Harker, First Mate “Peg-Leg” Blue Molly, and all the “Peg-Leg” crew of the infamous pirate ship, the Black Cloud as they sail the high seas in search of the Treasure of Sarah Madre.

Jungle Gem
An expedition, lost in the jungle, seeking the legendary jewel, “The Eye of Kow-to-foo-zay,” finally finds the temple which they have been seeking and the savages to whom it belongs. But who is more civilized: the explorers or the savages themselves?

Both shows feature live sound effects and talented voice actors. Written and directed by Bill Chessman. Low Pirates on High Seas and Jungle Gem will be presented at all performances.

All performances will be at the HOTEL MAC Ballroom located at 10 Cottage Ave in Pt Richmond, around the corner from the main entrance of the Hotel Mac Restaurant.

All tickets are $15.
Call 510-232-4031 to make a reservation or

Meet the Cast
The cast for Low Pirates on High Seas:
David Mills – Cap’n “Peg-Leg” Harker
Trish Inabnet – Blue Molly
Amy Cook – Pirate Parrot “Peg-Leg” Fred
Ken Möller – Captain Conway
Robin Steeves – Lady Genevieve Pentalion
Simon Patton – Simon Poe
Burl Lampert – Elliott
Leslie Klor – Sara Madre
Jan Brown and Mary Kidwell – Sound Effects

The cast for Jungle Gem:
David Mills – Buzz
Ken Möller – Dirk
Anne Collins – Lauren
Mary Kidwell – Natalie
Burl Lampert – Pinky
John Chapin – Kowasahkay
Carl Smith – Atlinlay
Laura Martin-Chapin – Eastobay
Jo Lusk and Simon Patton – Sound Effects