Update – Winter 2019

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Are you ever going to re-open??

We are optimistic about re-opening!

I haven’t heard anything in a while. What’s going on?

We’ve signed a contract with Interactive Resources and are working on the scope of work for what exactly needs to be done in order to re-open and are currently waiting to get a detailed cost estimate. We are very excited to share a major update with you in early fall 2019.

How much is the repair going to cost?

Based on very preliminary estimates, we think the work will be between $400K and $600K.

So, when will you be back up and running?

How soon depends on several factors. First, determining the precise scope of work and associated costs. Second, how quickly we can raise the necessary funds. And third, the availability of quality contractors to do the work.

How can I help?

First, you can come to our shows! If you are wanting to get involved the rebuild project, please know that we’re getting our fundraising ducks in a row. You will definitely know when you can support us financially. We’ll hold a kick-off and other events where you’ll have an opportunity to give us your money!

I’m worried about how long this is taking.

We are VERY thankful for your concern. The beam took us out of our areas of expertise, but we’ve learned a ton and are moving forward with confidence and enthusiasm.


Update – Fall 2018
Masquers have had a busy year staging plays, renting costumes, and helping other organizations with their productions:
  • Did you see the bittersweet “Last Romance” at Rigger’s Loft or Pinole Community Playhouse? That was Masquers.
  • Chances are you bought something amazing you didn’t realize you needed at the Masquers 25th annual Point Richmond Memorial Day Garage Sale.
  • We teamed up with playwright Bill Chessman to produce this summer’s Radio Plays upstairs at the Hotel Mac.
  • The prop, scene, and costume shop were busy renting or building, well, props, sets, and costumes for productions all over the East Bay.
  • Masquers lent a hand with Piedmont High School’s recent productions of Christmas at Pemberly and All my Sons with set design and construction.
  • Our Board of Directors added two talented and knowledgeable new members.
Producing plays and events is what we do. And that means keeping up with insurance payments, maintenance costs, and royalties while we continue to develop a plan for our theater.
This Giving Tuesday, consider a contribution to Masquers Playhouse so we can continue to create live theatre while we plan for our future. Follow the link below for a one-time contribution or a convenient ongoing donation.
If you’d like to make a gift of stock or legacy contribution, call Masquers at 510-232-3888 and leave a message. A member will return your call within 24 hours.

Click here to contribute!

THANK YOU for supporting our theatre.
We could not have come this far without your faith in us.


Update – Summer 2018

A dark theater is a sad, dispiriting place. To quote history’s most eloquent playwright and poet, “It sucketh.”

Masquers are deep into the biggest production of their 60-year history; bringing the lights back up at 105 Park Place in Pt. Richmond. In the meantime, shows and events are being staged using OPVs (other people’s venues), all who have generously shared their valuable space and time:

  • Chanticleers Theatre in Castro Valley
  • Pinole Community Playhouse
  • Kaleidoscope Coffee in Pt. Richmond
  • Rigger’s Loft in Pt. Richmond

Plans are afoot to create more productions and places for our friends to get together, like the recent crab feed and annual Memorial Day garage sale. Please consider a donation so Masquers can continue staging events, paying insurance, and keeping up with maintenance costs until we raise the curtain in our beloved theater once again.

Are you on our mailing list? If not, simply text the word MASQUERS to 22828. To make a donation, click here.

Thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks! Thou dost rock!


Update – Fall 2017

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The Masquers have been working hard to get back up and open. We miss doing shows for you!

We need to finish a seismic upgrade, meet handicapped requirements, improve emergency exits, and upgrade our electrical system. The planning is finished and we have explored our financing options. Soon we will be launching a major fundraising campaign to make this all possible.

Meanwhile, we will continue to present staged readings and events that showcase our directors and actors, and keep the Masquers light shining. Keep checking Masquers.org for the latest news and events.

We are deeply grateful for the concern and help of all of you who have and do support us through this difficult time.

Many heartfelt thanks— from the Masquers